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You have reached the life model of Tony Stark.  Please leave a message.

Unless you're Nick Fury.
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When the battle for humanity started, it was in a small castle in Scotland, well removed from Tony Stark’s usual stomping grounds. His world had been one of espionage and terrorism, of opposing government factions and super humans all jostling for control. No one, not SHIELD or HYDRA, not AIM or the Ten Rings, not the kingdom of Wakanda or the United States president had ever truly understood that their petty squabbles and races for technology meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.

When Voldemort won, when the Boy Who Lived lived no more and the powerful wizards who might have faced him were slaughtered, it took some time to trick over to the other hemisphere of the globe.

But once it did, the changes happened almost overnight.

Tony was never happier to have had the arc reactor removed a year before. A silence charm that functioned like an EMP over the muggle world stopped the use of all electronics at once. Planes fell out of the sky. Cars crashed. Lights and elevators stopped working. The internet went down. Satellites burned up in the atmosphere.

High on the 98th floor of Avengers Tower, Tony sat in the dark for a long while, feeling the presence of a friend who had only just returned from wherever it was his sorrow and betrayal at Black Widow’s hands had taken him. “Uh…” Tony frowned. “So, this is cozy. FRIDAY? How’s the rebooting coming?”

All was quiet. All was dark. The city was black.


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One day Tony Stark would realize that playing with Chitauri technology, even just ‘for fun,’ was a bad idea. He never bothered relying on his own safety protocols. He never bothered with putting precautions in place to make sure that he didn’t blow himself up. And when he did blow himself up, he didn’t stop to examine the underlying causes as to why that was.

Banner was gone off to parts unknown (Tony respected his obvious wishes and didn’t track down his easily track-downable quinet). Tony himself had left the Avengers. There was younger blood that could take the stress. He was prepared to settle down with Pepper, maybe get this whole marriage thing he was evidently supposed to be getting around to started, and…well…tinker with all of the fun things he had collected from HYDRA.

Seriously. They had a Leviathon! Tony wanted to Magic School Bus it up and have the coolest private airplane ever. Was that so wrong? The answer was very likely ‘yes.’

Pepper was away in England doing something or other (Tony trusted her with his company and he had no desire to ever be involved with it again, thank you) and so when Steve Rogers called about a faulty electromagnet on his shield-catching wrist, Tony paused the reverse engineering he was doing in his Lab in Manhattan and told the blond to come on up. “But only if you bring pizza. I haven’t eaten in weeks,” he lamented.

FRIDAY was quick to correct him. “It’s been thirteen hours, Boss!” she said cheerfully.

“Thirteen hours! I’m wasting away to practically nothing, Rogers! Hurry!”
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"You have my name. On your arm."

Tony hadn't been agonizing about it but maybe he had just a little and maybe he had driven down to DC to tell Steve Rogers what he was pretty sure that the blond already knew. A plane or the Iron Man armor would have taken much less time, but Tony needed to make frequent stops along the way so that he could try to get himself to turn back and just leave it.

It didn't always happen, the mythical arm writing, but that's what made it to special. Every teenager pretty much spent their years before college hoping for a name to turn up one day. Less than ten percent ever did, and that number was dwindling seeing as how people didn't really care if they had a name on their arm or not. If their parents and religion weren't going to tell them what to do, weird indelible writing appearing on their bodies was not either.

The thing one, Tony did not have a name on his arm. There was no corroborating Steve Rogers written in interesting patterns on his skin. There was nothing. Tony hadn't been a lucky one.

But he'd seen, accidentally, on Steve well after they had first met and it was pretty obvious that yeah, Steve would know that he'd just met Anthony E. Stark, fought beside him in New York, nearly watched him die, and then just moved away to DC after as if nothing at all happened.

Now he wanted answers,
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Tony had planned to run for a very, very long time. After his parents had died and he was no longer under their protection to skip annual screenings, he had started to make plans to leave. The trouble was, having a silver spoon in your mouth at all times made the thought of leave the known world pretty awful and Tony, a creature of comfort by then, did not want to leave his home and his riches and his toys.

Uncle Obi shared his secret and together they kept the Stark Empire afloat. Tony was rich enough to pay off the yearly census. For awhile at least.

But that was before the Chitauri came and did what no one in the world thought was even possible in the days before they attempted to take over. They released bombs to kill Guides, specifically. Just like that, millions of Guides around the world perished.

If it hadn't been for the Iron Man armor, he would have died as well.

He'd only just met Steve Rogers, one of his father's friends during World War II, for mere moments before the hellicarier went to hell. He'd seen the way the Captain had looked at him, had smelled the air... It would have been impossible for a Sentinel to have known what he was outside of heat, but Steve was not just a Sentinel. And Tony knew he was in trouble even while he fought alongside the Captain.

Was it any wonder that Tony Stark was mysteriously gone before Loki was even captured or taken back to Asgard?
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It was supposed to be an easy fix. Sit back, let Loki do the work, clean up after. He didn’t understand how things could go so downhill, so fast. The Hulk was out and about, Thor was occupied, Black Widow-- She was a joke. The so-called X-Men were still trying to find their really terrible costumes and get to New York to help. Spider-man was cracking jokes somewhere—

Easy. It should have been so easy!

But nooooo. No, Loki had to take invasion a little too seriously and get in over his idiot head. Fury turned away from the console and glanced at the brooding blond to his left. “Suit up. Take the team. Help out with the Chitauri if you have to, but focus on the scepter. I’m not ready to welcome our alien overloads just yet, Rogers.”
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It's official. Why do you hate me? Never mind. Don't answer that. And by the way? This is not exactly like dealing with the stuff I've already been through. I have never had to deal with deranged teddy bears or unkillable lizards who hate all of humanity.

Chitauri don't count.
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[Continued from: here]

Staring at the little house, Tony was noteably unimpressed. The child and other half of a god (however loosely you wanted to use the term) really ought to have not been so...small. He was expecting more, and the way he stood with his hip out and arms crossed proved it. They'd take a quinjet to the nearest open field and one of Tony's smaller cars after that, loaded into the back of the plane after he'd ripped out a few seats.

With Extremis stable enough to exist in several now fire-breathing and extra strong mice rampaging through specially designed cages to contain them, JARVIS' databases and hacking ability getting them the information they needed to arrive here, and Alessa more or less content with the nurse she and Banner picked out, this had been the next logical step. Even so, he expected it to be a little more difficult.

Wearing a black t-shirt and dark jeans that only accentuated his somewhat femininely proportioned hips and backside, Tony Stark was still Tony Stark and flashiness and he went hand in hand.

Like a brand name.

It didn't help that the yellow convertible was parked across the street, in direct contention with the overall look and feel of the neighbor around it.

"You can knock." He wasn't too keen on touching things other people did.
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"Will someone please tell our resident Super Soldier that he's needed on 6th?  Like...yesterday?  Okay, yesterday the Chitauri weren't attacking and Banner and I were having freeze dried blueberries on the hellicarrier, but you know what I mean, stop being so critical and literal with everything I say.  You guys suck."  Stark burst across the sky over Thor's head and the blond turned towards the archer standing next to him.  A smash of the hammer into one foe did not even cause him to look away from Barton.

"I do not understand many of the words that he speaks," the Asgardian confessed.  "He has a conversation with no one but himself."

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Clint said, shooting a flying mercenary through the eye while he watched Thor look even more confused.  He found a new pasttime, he decided.  But, like Tony, Clint wasn't exactly sure where Steve was.  He's seen him in one of the buildings but after that--  Clint touched the side of his collar.  "Cap?"

"Earth to Captain American, come in Captain America," Tony said, piping music into the background.  There was a reason Natasha had taken out her earpiece.  "Grandpa, you asleep?"

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Was there even a point to telling 'Tony, don't touch it'? Bruce sighed as Tony did exactly that, picking up the artifact that their enemy had been taunting them while Bruce stood there in stretchy pants that show uncomfortably too much for him, but at least he wasn't nude every time he changed now. He was also pretty sure it was all Tony's idea that they were purple.

Whoever their enemy was, it had something to do with Thor, or at least Asgard, and Bruce had no idea what this artifact was. Really, they needed to get a hold of Thor and make sure this was returned to the realm it came from since SHIELD no longer existed to immediately haul it away. It looked like some sort of odd trinket. The madmen had been raving about it being able to grant wishes, but frankly if that were true, they wouldn't be here right now, or they'd be insects, or something else. Instead, they won, he lost, and surprisingly no worse for wear on their part.

He ignored Tony's joking around, making random and stupid wishes on their way back to 'home', still under repair even after all this time though nearing completion. What he didn't know was that Tony still was fussing with it after he went to sleep on the plane, exhausted from changing, and he made one real wish when Banner couldn't hear it. One that came from the heart.

One no one else would know anything about except Bruce, who slept through Tony's quiet wish.

Nothing seemed to change at first. They landed, they arrived back at the Tower. Clint looked up, nodded in approval that they were okay, and went back to trading shit with someone on Call of Duty. He was heavily involved in the clean up of SHIELD's mess and it showed - he still had a heavy bandage on his left arm from a lucky move from a HYDRA agent, hence why he hadn't joined them.

It would come that night, just before Tony went off to sleep. It was the strangest message he would ever get in his life, because it wasn't an email, a text message, or anything of the life.

It was just a message on his screen in a box, white with black text. ASCII art, but the shape would be achingly familiar. It was that of a gryphon.

He couldn't sleep in, no matter how late he was up the night before. His brain was just hard wired for thought and thought required being awake and moving. And so, just after eight in the morning, Bruce's room was invaded by an angry man with an unkempt beard and bags under his eyes and hair all a mess.

"Not funny, Banner," Tony said angrily, letting Bruce blink or try to control a change or whatever he had to do from the stampeding and equally quick to leave Tony Stark who ended up slamming his door twice in the process.

He returned to his room in a huff and scowled at the little gryphon before he told JARVIS to clear the image.

He had been doing better.

So much better.

Why this? Why now?

Poor Bruce nearly ended up with a problem and Tony with a huge new repair bill, only by pure good luck did Bruce manage to keep it together (and some verbal help from JARVIS, too). He had no idea what was even going on, just a flash of some jumbled text on the screen and a very angry Tony.

JARVIS, of course, did as asked. The little ASCII art 'drawing' vanished from his screen.

But it would only take the morning news to indicate something else strange was going on. If Tony didn't know by the time he went about his way, he'd be hearing about it from Clint. It seemed that every major internet carrier in and around New York was getting complaints about slow speeds but more so, that there may be a new virus going around due to thousands of people getting a strange looking bird appearing on their screen.
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Nothing would ever be as sweet as this.  Tony Stark had not liked his father much, but every son has a need for revenge when they don't get to take out the big bad in their life personally.  His dad hadn't hit him, but abuse can work down other channels.  And even so, his old man hadn't deserved to die, and certainly not like he did.  It was so ordinary to be shot down, for it to look like a cheap accident.  Though it left Tony free of him, it also robbed him of his mother in the same stroke.  He never understdood why unless it was all just for show.

Though he'd never had a name or a face, Tony had hated Bucky Barnes for a very long time.  That his parents' murderer had been Steve Rogers' best friend, or had been brainwashed to be some sort of mindless slug, he didn't care.  He hadn't cared at all, not until he found him asleep on that birdshit stained park bench with newspapers over him.  And he hadn't cared then either when he stood there, repulsors aimed towards that piece of scum, until he muttered something in Russian and rolled onto his side.

The cap slipped.  His gaunt face showed a man half his own age, looking absolutely wretched and...lost.

Tony Stark had spent the better part of a week on the new suit which, he did tell JARVIS, he didn't quite care if it could kill him or not with the way he disregarded every last safety measure in the book he himself had written.  He'd managed to keep is secret from all of the comers and goers from the Tower too.

And now, now that he's here, now that the Winter Soldier had been tracked down in this park in the slums of DC, he can't bring himself to that revenge that had kept him drunk since he discovered how to track the man.

So Tony stands there.  And waits.  And sometimes forgets to breathe.
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"So you cut your hair, destroyed SHIELD, get Fury killed and now you want to team up again?"  Tony turned in his swivel chair three quarters to the left and two to the right like some evil super villain while Bruce Banner rolled his eyes behind him.  Wisely, he stayed quiet.  Being Tony's 'other half' and his 'soul mate' and worse, his therapist, was enough to give him a good enough idea of what staying quiet tended to do for him.

Chiefly?  He didn't get pulled into these sorts of conversations.

"And did you like grow another three inches around your biceps?  It's people like you that make it harder for ordinary guys to get dates on Friday night."
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Player Info:

Name: Jeni
Age: 30
Contact: (plurk, AIM, DW, email, etc) AIM/PLURK: substituteskull
Player Journal: NA
Reservation Link: (if applicable) here

Character Info:

Full Name: Anthony Edward Stark (AKA Iron Man)
Called By: Tony Stark/Iron Man
Age: 47
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
History: Here  Or because write ups are fun....

Tony Stark was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth to genius and philanthropic parents. He has never known anything outside of luxury, minus a small stint in Afghanistan as a prisoner of war, and it shows in the way he carries himself in public. He is likely one of the smartest men on Earth. Forced into boarding school to help contain his genius, Tony was building working engines before he reached double digits in age, attended MIT at fifteen, holds two doctorates, one in physics and one in engineering. Though he did inherit his wealth and the family company, Stark Industries, it was not out of sheer nepotism but a genuine ability to not only invent and adapt new technologies, but handle the complex world of corporate moguls.

After being targeted by a terrorist cell in Afghanistan (directed to do so by a longer term family friend and business partner) and nearly killed by one of his own weapons, Tony was taken into captivity for three months with several pieces of shrapnel buried in his chest.  Through the help of a fellow prisoner, Tony was able to survive with a magnet fitted into his torn apart chest cavity to keep the metal from reaching his heart.  Using technology pioneered by his own father, Tony was able to create a miniature version of an arc reactor power source, a powerful electromagnet, to keep him alive.  Afterward, Tony devized an escape plan by building a crude armor plated suit to battle his way to safety.

Once free, Tony immediately switched his company's focus away from weaponry and declared that Stark Industries would not longer design or manufacture them.  This distressed his share holders and his business partner, who later tried to kill Tony by stealing the reactor from his chest.

Feeling the need to give back after his weapons caused so much damage to civilians, Tony invented a new version of his metal armor suit, streamlining it and making it able to fly and interface directly with an AI supercomputer butler that already helped him to run his home and other aspects of his life.  He dubbed the power armor Iron Man and used it to successfully keep the world safe from terrorists.

Unfortunately, the constant use of the Iron Man suit and his own rigorous lifestyle was too much for the arc reactor to sustain safely and the power cells that Tony had been using to keep the electromagnet running was also poisoning him to the point of near death.  It was during this time that he took up drinking heavily and became more of a menace than a super hero.

After a visit from Nick Fury, who would eventually become the director of the Avengers Initiative that Tony would later join, Tony was able to discover a way to reverse and cure his illness and developed a new element to keep his reactor running safely.

Tony Stark became the biggest leader and provider of green energy, building a massive skyscraper in New York powered off of an arc reactor located in the bay.  He had just finished moving in when Fury decided to recruit him for the Avengers after an alien by the name of Loki stole a top secret energy source called the Tesseract.  Tony, along with other  typically loner super heroes and misfits, managed to defeat an alien army called forth by Loki by working as a team for the first time in their lives.  When the Army released a nuclear weapon to destroy the aliens, and all of Manhattan, Tony directed the missile up into space, knowing it would likely kill him.

After delivering the payload to the mother ship and losing all power and life support in the Iron Man suit, Tony blacks out in the depths of space.  He knows he's potentially saved the day (take that, Captain America!) but he's pretty sure he's toast.  Cold, icy, space toast.


Tony's intellect is at savant levels when it comes to being a technopath. He can literally McGuyver tech out of primitive tools and scrap metal. Unfortunately, he also knows he's a genius and it comes across in his ego and personality. Tony Stark is primarily self-motivated, a master manipulator, often times outwardly cold, uncaring, and extremely narcissistic. Though he can be personable to others, more often than not he finds pleasure in manipulating situations, out talking or ignoring opponents, and simply believes he is always entitled to get what he wants. There is a reason his file, compiled by the government agency SHIELD, states that he does not get along well with others.

Tony does not have friends. Though he recently started a relationship with long term personal assistant turned CEO of Stark Industries, Pepper Potts, and has a very friendly and amicable relationship with Rhodes, his contact with the contracting department of the US Army for whom he use to design weapons for and Happy Hogan, his driver and boxing partner, Tony is still a womanizer at heart and has trouble relating to common people (or, truly, anyone that isn't himself). In fact, most of his 'friendships' with these people are based on a take rather than give relationship. They are fundamentally assistants and outsiders and despite genuinely caring for them, he still treats them like help more often than not. The one exception to this is Pepper, who has learned to get around Tony's ego enough to keep him in line as much as possible, and whom he has come to trust after the betrayal of long time family friend and father figure Obidiah Stane. Tony also built himself various AI and robotic companions, most notably in the form of his integrated butler program JARVIS and a sort of pet-like apprentice he calls DUM-E, to keep him company when he tires of people.

After the accident that resulted in the need to embed and electromagnet in his chest to keep him alive, three months of captivity in the Middle East where he was forced to manufacture weapons for terrorists, and a daring escape using a mechanized suit, Tony's personality changed slightly to include a new found desire to expand his already blossoming god complex by helping to protect the world through more peaceful measures. This led him to develop a new technology and craft a super hero persona called Iron Man. Once again, however, his ego stepped in and though most heroes assume secret identities, Tony embraced his role as Iron Man, leading to rivalries with the US government and other manufacturing moguls. Coupled with a slow self poisoning of irradiated materials to keep the reactor in his chest functioning and scotch to help him cope with his high stress life, Tony's self destructiveness had taken a turn for the worse until his genius once more uncovered a safer method of energy to keep himself, and Iron Man, going.

Being part of the Avengers Initiative has taught him better how to rely on others and how to work towards a common goal as part of a team. However, Tony is still deep down a brilliant, troubled virtuoso who grew up believing his father did not love him, has trouble trusting anyone but himself, and has become a functioning alcoholic in his day to day life.

Tony Stark's biggest fear has nothing to do with being alone or penniless as one might expect from a playboy billionaire, but rather, being a failure scares him the most. He is an adrenaline junky, nearly suicidal in his attempts to prove himself, and though he claims not to care about the opinions of others, it is extremely obvious that he desires praise for his abilities and his creations.

3 Interesting Character Facts:
* Tony is a germ-a-phob of the highest degree.  Shaking hands means he likes you or has anti-bacterial hand gel in his pocket.  Don't even try to hand him anything!
* Tony's heart can't work on it's own thanks to a small reactor being implanted in his chest to keep shrapnel from worming it's way to his death.  He now uses it as proof that he does, in fact, have a heart and, more recently, as proof that he and the Iron Man suit are one in the same.
* Tony is a scrappy fighter.  He takes boxing lessons regularly but he's too undisciplined physically to be much good at hand to hand combat.  Without the suit and the gizmos attached to it, he's just an average guy, physically at least.

Powers: Tony Stark is one of the world's most intelligent people. His IQ listed as well above genius level. He is an inventive mechanical engineering prodigy, able to not only create new technology, but perfect or alter anything else he might across. He has a remarkable ingenuity when it comes to tactical situations, he is business savvy, and a master negotiator.

Without his suit, Tony is otherwise a normal human being in regard to physical speed and strength. The only exception to this is the arc reactor embedded in his chest. It acts as a pace maker and an electromagnet to keep the shrapnel in his chest from reaching his heart and killing him. It should be noted that as of now, the arc reactor currently runs off of a new element created by Howard and Tony Stark and runs almost perpetually. It can conceivably be used to power other electronics and can be used as a backup system to the reactors built into the Iron Man armors.

As Iron Man, in the power suit, Stark is able to lift over 100 tons, move at mach 8 speeds and fly. His suit is fitted out with a self-contained life-support system so he can work underwater or in space. It can also shield him against radiation and produce a magnetic field to push or pull metal objects. It has an on board computer that allows him to connect via satellite and wifi, make phone calls, follow GPS uplinks, and tap into communications. By directly interfacing with JARVIS, he can get up to date battle information and follow his own biological readings. The stabilizing jets in the palms of each gauntlet can also act as energy weapons, as can the repulsor weapon on his chest. He has a series of flares that he can fire from his shoulders and several plasma beam weapons. A highly detailed explanation of the Mark VII armor can be found here.

Special Skills: Tony can make killer omelets, hack into databases for the fun of it, and drive cars really, really fast.

What is your character's comm icon and why? The arc reactor....  Tony sees himself literally as being part of the Iron Man armor and the arc reactor in his chest is one of the ways he interfaces with the suit.

Anything else? So!  Tony had been from the end of the Avengers, floating around in space inside of the suit..  Upon the Hulk roaring him back to life once he fell through the vortex, Tony thought that his time on the Station was actually just his brain having been starved of oxygen and coming up with fanciful things to keep him busy during his near death experience.

I would like him to return to the Station under similar pretenses as the first time.  After the attack on his home in Malibu, sending it into the sea and the MkXVII suit coming to rescue him, rather than crash land in the snow, he'd be back to floating around in space.

Writing Samples:
Action Tag Sample:

Third Person Prose Sample:
Flash!  JARVIS's voice in his ear was so very far away as the Iron Man suit powered off.  Mentally, he calculated how much oxygen he had left and then forced a half smile when he knew it didn't matter.  This had been a one way trip into outer space.  He should have just been pleased that the suit made it out this far at all.  Instead, he hoped Fury submitted his name for a Nobel Prize or two.  Posthumously, of course.

Another save-the-day under his belt, Tony let exhaustion and the blast wave from the exploding ship carry him off into blackness where he could hopefully die in his sleep because honestly, he didn't exactly want to be found by space-faring future generations looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of Total Recall

It was JARVIS' voice that lulled him away from sleep and death some time later.  Residual energy had brought the suit's basic functions back online.  "Sir?"

"Not now, JARVIS.  Dying," he grumbled.

"Sir, you'll want to wake up for this."

Tony made a mental note to reprogram JARVIS to be less commanding and opened his eyes so he couldn't be nagged.  Of course, the HUD was down inside of the mask so Tony saw a lot of blackness.  "When does the movie start?"

"Power has been rerouted from all non-essential systems, sir."  Tony tested that out by trying to move.  Indeed, the pneumatic joints refused to function, so he was basically left in the dark and unable to move.  That was awesome.  "I have started a distress call."

Tony sighed.  "Let's hope Captain Star-Spangled PJs doesn't pick it up."

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Once more, with feeling!
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Tony finds a way to return Gryf to Earth to be with him.
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More Tony and Loki saving each other and dying for each other drama!

Loki joins the Avengers.

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"Not.  My.  Problem."  He's been raging over the finer points of his Jaeger Academy graduation dispatch for the last three hours.  "Do you not know who I am?  Do you not know the contributions I've made to the PPDC?  How about the genius I've lent to the program?  To the pons devices?  To the Jaeger control cores?  The drivesuits?  I do not--  Listen.  Marshall.  I should get a damned say in who you stick me with."

"That's not how it works, Ranger," the calm man tells the somewhat older gentleman sitting across from him.  Stark is a genius.  No one can or will ever doubt that.  He went through a year's worth of training and breaking and mental and physical exhaustion in the span of three months time.  It's...unheard of.  It's completely unheard of.

There's just one trouble.

Stark isn't Drift Compatible with anyone.  Well, with almost anyone.  Somehow, getting a neural bridge to the brain of his dad's science project isn't really high on the to-do list.  "Let me try the Kwoon room again.  Find someone else not in the Academy.  Just not him.  Yanno, I think you're trying to punish me!"

The Marshall sighs.  Director Fury had warned him about Stark.  He just hadn't listened.

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"Yep, actually, I did hear you, Doc.  I'm just ignoring you."  Don't be a buzz kill.  Stark is riding high from that last fight.  "It's just a cut.  I've gotten a lot of cuts.  Some bactine and some bandages and a little kiss over it from Jarvis here and I'll be just fine."  The tall, leggy blond at his side doesn't even bother to roll his pale blue eyes.  He's worked with Stark for years, too long really.  He knows how the man acts.


That always makes Stark laugh and he lightly pats Jarvis on the back of his drivesuit.  "Not your boss anymore, Jarv," he reminds him gentle.  Or maybe he's just trying to drown out the mousy little guy following him.  And that's when it hits him, halfway down the corridor, through the cheering crowds and the crews trying to get his Jaeger back into one piece.  He knows that mousey little man follow him.  "Shit.  You're Doctor Banner!  Well hey, nice to meet you finally!  Man, we studied your tactics against Onibaba for months after that attack in Tokyo!"


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